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Name: Artimis "The Next Best Thing To Ryan Seacrest Not Really"

Birthday: April 11th 1989

Hometown: Kalkaska, MI

SHORT life story: One day I was born and then I got really tall and never grew facial hair.

Just kidding. I was born in Detroit and spent most of my life in Northern Michigan. I moved down to South Bend last year to work on U93 and love it here!

I have a three year old son named Dylan who has a better vocabulary than I do and on in free time I like to eat and watch Netflix. The end.

First exciting radio gig? Working at a classic rock station in Northern Michigan was my first gig. It was very exciting because it was my FIRST RADIO GIG! The pay sucked but it was an amazing experience that taught me a lot.

Hobbies? Netflix...and more netflix.

I also love to travel and dibble dabble on the guitar.

Guilty pleasure music? Frank Ocean and Boyz II Men ALL DAY!

Secret passion: Drawing stick figures. I'm really good at it and some call me the next Picasso. Not kidding.

Secret fantasy? I'm a closet NASCAR fan so my secret fantasy would be to drive a stock car on the Michigan track.

...I promise I'm not a hillbilly.

Name the one gadget you can't live without? Everyone says I'm never off of my phone so I'd have to say my iPhone.

Favorite sports teams? Detroit Red Wings!!!!!

Also the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers are my favorite too...when they're not sucking.

Favorite food? PIZZA. I could eat it all day every day. That's how I keep my manly figure. Duh.

Favorite city in the world? Petoskey, MI. Love driving around M22 and the tunnel of trees.

Favorite TV show? The Office!!!! Hands down the best show ever created.

Best movie you ever rented? Recently watched Dallas Buyers Club and that was AMAZING. Is it weird if I was to say I though Jared Leto was hot? No? Co.

Read any good books lately? Last book I read was "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" when I was 7. I'm bad at reading and English.

Best concert you've ever seen: Peter Frampton, The White Stripes,or The Blood Brothers. Can't pick just one. Three completely different artists but amazing to see live!

Pets? I have a pet lion that I keep in my basement. Just kidding. I don't have a basement.

Favorite word or phrase? Word.

Favorite drink? Arizona Green Tea!!!!

Favorite ice cream? I can't eat ice cream. It makes my tummy hurt.

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Best Buy or Guitar Center! I would buy everything I needed to make sure I never left the house ever again haha

Biggest pet peeve? People who are close minded.

What would you do if you were mayor of South Bend for a day? Make it legal to swim in the St Joe river and have a huge tubing party!!

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