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  • New Overtime rules... could affect YOU

    The government is making more people eligible for overtime pay. The Department of Labor is proposing to raise the overtime threshold for only the second time since 1975. But while millions of Americans could receive bigger paychecks - thanks to the new rules - there are other outcomes you should considerThat may be the first misconception -- more money in your wallet -- but that may not be how it plays our for everyone. The only way youre automatically guaranteed time-and-a-half pay, a...

  • Airlines investigated for high ticket prices

    Several major airlines have been subpoenaed by the Justice Department, as part of investigation into price-fixing.The Justice Department has sent subpoenas to several major airlines as part of an investigation into possible unlawful coordination to limit capacity increases, and thereby keeping ticket prices high. Investigators didnt say how the airlines are allegedly coordinating, but part of the evidence includes public comments by airline executives and industry analysts.In recent ye...

  • "Early warning bill" gives struggling Michigan school districts ways to avoid financial ruin

    A bill headed to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's desk for his signature would provide an early warning alert system for schools in financial danger. State Representative Brad Jacobsen sponsored the legislation that will identify and assist school districts in financial need.

  • California drought makes an impact on BEER!

    The drought in California is having a big impact on BEER!Anheuser Busch is ready to spend millions of dollars in hopes of finding a way to make their brewery in Van Nuys, California, more water efficient without affecting the taste of their product.92% of every Budweiser is made of water, and if youre curious, it takes a little over 3 bottles of water to make one-bottle of beer. Thats an improvement from 2009, when it took 4 gallons of water. In fact, plant General Manager Luis Cayo sa...

  • Jupiter and Venus create a "Double Star"

    Star-gazers enjoyed a rare treat in the night sky Tuesday -- Jupiter and Venus, appearing to the naked eye as a double-star!Astronomers call this phenomenon a conduction, and say the phenomenon may relate to the biblical Star of Bethlehem.It only happens about once every 8 years. The interplanetary display was the culmination of a month-long dance drawing the two bodies closer together. In reality, they were separated by millions of miles of empty space.


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