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  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about "breathe easy" v.s. "I can't breathe" t-shirt controversy

    This week we've been reporting on the debate stirred by the "I can't breathe" versus "breathe easy" T-shirts. South Bend does business with the local company that makes the "Breathe Easy" ones.An online petition wants the city to boycott that company. Now Mayor Pete Buttigieg is reacting. He says it's not really about the T-shirts, but about the supporters of each shirt realizing they're not on different sides...because they're not even talking about the same issue.

  • The South Bend Center for History changes name

    The South Bend Center for History is no more. That's because they've changed their name to The History Museum.The change is significant. We're told in the 147 year history of the institution, a similar change has only been made three other times. The Executive Director hopes this change will bring South Bend and Notre Dame closer together."We have a great relationship with the University of Notre Dame. We have a special gallery just about the University of Notre Dame. So we're hoping that tha...

  • People Worldwide are living longer

    People worldwide are living longer. The Lancet Medical Journal says global life expectancy has risen by more than six years. That means the average person is expected to live 71.5 years, with women having slightly greater life spans than men.Falling death rates from cancer and heart disease in rich countries accounts for the change. Sub-Saharan Africa is the only area where expectancy has dropped, due to deaths from HIV/AIDS.

  • U.S. Officials react to Cyber Terrorism against Sony Pictures

    An embarrassing prank is now an international incident. U.S. officials are concerned the hacking of Sony Pictures could be considered cyber terrorism. The Sony hack started with the release of some embarrassing e-mails. It got serious when the hackers, now thought to be directly connected to the North Korean regime, threatened physical harm against Americans who planned to see the Seth Rogen / James Franco movie. The movie is filled with jokes at the expense of the secretive nation of North K...

  • Michigan ranks worst in nation for spending on bridge, road upkeep; Indiana ranks worst for methamphetamine incidents

    This time of year there are plenty of "best of" lists. Best movies of the year, best songs, best teams.But the folks at "Thrillest" wanted to know what every US state is WORST at. 

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